The Memoirs of a Married Woman Vol 2

“Someone I loved once gave me
a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.”
– Mary Oliver

Coming Spring/Summer 2022

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. I remember walking down the aisle, to the man of my dreams, My soulmate, My true love. The man I will have children with and live happily ever after.

Well… I remember walking down the aisle again, thinking…

Meet the Characters

Diana Halston

Diana is a young woman that seems to have it all. She is pretty, a senior in high school, and hangs with the popular crowd. Her life as a happy teenager, but everything starts to shift the moment she lays eyes on the man that will change her everything forever. Her story begins as a naive young girl who falls in love with the idea of what she thinks love is. As her world changes, she comes to find that life is not always seen through rose-colored glasses.

Kane Grant

Kane Grant is the man that sweeps Diana off her feet and changes her young life forever. He is tall, with long wavy beach blonde hair and a perfect smile. He attends college at night and works during the day. He has a plan for his future but when he meets Diana some of those plans change and so does Kane.

Victor Castillo

Victor Castillo is a man that enters Diana's life during a time when she is very vulnerable. He is Brazilian, handsome and strong. Victor is a hard man to read, you just never know what he may do next. but he is also very giving and kind. Victor saves Diana's life in many ways as his friendship with her grows. In the end Victor is a man of many surprises!

Elyzabeth D'Amore

Elyzabeth D’Amore is an aspiring author, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.

Elyzabeth has lived many different lives within her five marriages and the relationships in between. The lessons she walked away with, at the end of each marriage or relationship, has had a direct effect on who she is today.  

Elyzabeth is now starting the second memoir in the saga of The Memoirs of a Married Woman. She will be Atlanta Writers Conference May 3rd & 4th in Atlanta Georgia 2019. Look for dates throughout the spring and summer for coming up book signing events.

Elyzabeth is living happily ever after in the mountains of Georgia with her fifth husband ( and last!) and their two pups.

Excerpts from the Memoir

First Love

Our first date is coming to an end. I need to get home on time. My tummy is turning with excitement. Is he going to kiss me? Just as the thought passes…
“Can I kiss you, Diana?”
I look up at him with the word “yes” in my eyes. Kane takes my head in his hands and he kisses me. The kiss is soft and slow. I have never been kissed like this before. I follow his lead and kiss him back. This first date, marks the beginning of my deception, including the lies to my parents, and the lies to my friends. Nothing is more important to me now than being with Kane.

The Promise

“Diana, I love you and I will never let anyone or anything ever hurt you. I promise always to take care of you and I will never leave you.”
I took those words into my heart and soul. I believe that from this night on, I will always be safe and loved by this man. My life could not be more perfect as it is at the very moment.


I need to scream. I need to scream loud and hard. So, I scream. I scream and I scream in hopes that someone will hear me and save me from myself. No one hears my screams. Not Kane, not Victor, not my so-called friend Lisa, not my oldest and closest friend Mel, no neighbors, not even my parents. No one is here to help me. I am alone.

What are people saying?

by Victoria H. on The Memoirs Of A Married Woman
I could not put this book down!

I have been married twice and I felt every emotion Diana went through This writer is full of heavy past memories and takes you on her journey of the ups and downs of her young adult 1st marriage. You will cry, laugh and at times want to scream at her to wake up! looking forward to memoir #2!


by Susie Newton, Author of Constance Chronicles Vol III on The Memoirs Of A Married Woman
Memoirs of A Married Woman resonates with me in almost every which way possible

I’m not a mother, however her relentless struggle to get her mind and life on track is astounding. The author is wonderful in person and exceptional with her pen. I am on patient edge waiting for the second installment. Come on Diana, you got us wanting to know, what happens next? ?

by Sue B on The Memoirs Of A Married Woman
The Memoirs of a married woman is a book filled with many emotions.

As I read it, I was struck by the ups and downs of our character. I felt the pain and the joy she experienced. If you get a chance, buy this book and find a nice quiet place to read this where you will be undisturbed as you will not be able to put it down.

by Dustin Bradley on The Memoirs Of A Married Woman
I really loved this book...and I'm a guy

I was referred to this book from a friend who thought I might like it. Turns out I really did. It hit home on many levels to experiences I have dealt with in relationships throughout my life. I resonated most with the lead character Diana who bounces between so many emotions in trying to grasp what is real and what is a lie. It's a true tale of growing up too fast, loving someone who is one thing in the beginning and another soon after. Where you find yourself struggling to not lose yourself and realizing you already have.

This book is very powerful and has many lessons for those who are in love or haven't truly felt what love can do to your soul if false. This book is also for those who have given up everything for the chance at something just to realize that something never was, and at the same time, was leading you right where you needed to be.

A tale we can all relate to and wish we couldn't.

Read the first Book in this series!

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. I remember walking down the aisle, to the man of my dreams, My soulmate, My true love. The man I will have children with and live happily ever after.

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